Amazon Simple Storage Service
A deeper look
CLI Time!
2m 18s
Let’s start using S3

This is an introductory course to Amazon S3 Object Storage service. We’ll show you how to use the Console, the CLI and the API, using a level of detail useful for newbie and more experienced users.


Let's begin from it's name. S3 stands for Simple Storage Service and yes it really is. Basically, S3 is a Key/Value storage. You can use it to store your objects, they are just files in the cloud terminology, and retrieve them over http or https if you need to using their unique keys; file names. As just said, it's a service, this means that you don't have to worry about what's behind it.

Amazon stores and replicates your data, taking care of this scalability of the infrastructure. You simply upload your objects in the cloud and stop taking care as Amazon will do everything you need. You can manage S3 using the AWS console, the AWS command line interface or their very powerful API tools. S3 as every other AWS service is based on a pay-as-you-go model.

You pay for the storage space and bandwidth you actually use.

About the Author

In the last years Giorgio spent much of his time on the design and deployment of platforms based on new technologies like NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra), Software Defined Networking (OpenFlow, Open vSwitch), Virtualization (Xen, Linux KVM, VMware) and Cloud Computing (OpenStack, Eucalyptus). He has a very deep knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), RackSpace Cloud and related services, and has worked with many other IaaS / PaaS platforms (Google Cloud, Heroku, AppFog etc.).