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Quick Tips and Tricks for the Exam


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Exam Prep 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

The purpose of this course is to help prepare you for the Microsoft Azure 70-533 Exam. This course focuses on key points that are meant to fill in the learning gaps for those who already have a base foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure.

What You'll Learn in this Exam Prep 70-533

Lesson What you'll learn
Overview of the Course Overview of the course and the Learning Objectives
About the 70-533 Exam Learn about the exam, its objectives, and certification paths
Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps Discuss App Service Plans and Web Apps
Create and Manage ARM Virtual Machines Understand ARM VMs, pricing, resiliency and configuration limits
Design and Implement a Storage Strategy Learn to Implement Azure Storage, SQL Databases, and Recovery Services
Implement an Azure Active Directory Discuss Azure AD, tools, App integration, and monitoring
Implement Virtual Networks Learn about Azure networking and cross-site connectivity
Design and Deploy ARM Templates Learn about ARM Templates and Deployment options
Summary Course summary including Exam Tips and Tricks



We’ve now completed coverage of the 70-533 Exam objectives.

But before you move on I’d like to discuss a few tips and tricks for the exam based on my experience.
You’ve now completed this Exam prep and hopefully you’ve taken a look at some of the reference material in this course or other sources of information. Never expect a single source to cover everything you need for an exam
I’m actually okay with cramming at the last minute. For example, having another look at Virtual machine, SQL, or Azure App Services pricing tiers. But of course give yourself adequate time to study for days even weeks before the exam
Stay hydrated but also use the restroom right before the exam even if you think you don’t need to
Exams usually provide a scratch pad for you to write on. If you find topics completely foreign to you or tough questions try to write down these topic areas so that at the end of the exam the unfamiliar items can remain fresh on your brain and you can research those items after you leave. You have to commit them to memory since you have to turn in any scratch paper.
Finally I’d like to share with you something I call a 3-pass system when taking a certification exam. First I go through the exam without spending too much time on a question and mark any questions I’m unsure about for Review. My second time through I tackle all questions marked for review and and at least provide some answer while keeping really tough questions marked for review. On my 3rd and final pass I spend my time on the 1 or 3 really hard questions and provide my best answer.

I really hope these tips help you to achieve a higher score on your exam.

I hope you’ve learned a lot in this Exam Prep course. This is Christopher Jackson at Cloud Academy. Until next time, G’luck!

About the Author

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Chris has over 15 years of experience working with top IT Enterprise businesses.  Having worked at Google helping to launch Gmail, YouTube, Maps and more and most recently at Microsoft working directly with Microsoft Azure for both Commercial and Public Sectors, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team in architecting complex solutions and advanced troubleshooting techniques.  He holds several Microsoft Certifications including Azure Certifications.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys movies, gaming, outdoor activities, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.