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This course covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, including what they are, their origins, their economic impact, and the future of crypto.


Welcome to the final lecture in this section, where we'll summarize everything we went over. Following which we'll move onto the next section, which we'll dive deeper into the ecosystem. You should now have a clearer understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, following this deep dive which touched upon every aspect of the ecosystem with you. Here is what we discussed in each lecture of this section, should you wish to refer back to them. One, what are cryptocurrencies? In this lecture, we discussed the essence of cryptocurrencies. Two, how cryptocurrencies came to be. Here, we dived into how cryptocurrency is actually conceptualized. Three, how the cryptocurrency ecosystem works. In this lecture, we discussed how everything comes together in this decentralized ecosystem. Four, how cryptocurrencies are created. Here, we went over how cryptocurrencies are actually created and brought into this form. Five, what gives cryptocurrencies value? We then discussed something which intrigues many, and that was why some cryptocurrencies are so valuable. Six, the economic impact of cryptocurrencies. In this lecture, we detailed the ways in which cryptocurrencies have impacted the economy, making them one of the biggest wealth creators of this generation. Seven, will cryptocurrencies continue to have value? Here in this lecture, we talked about how cryptocurrency markets, even though they are volatile, will continue to have value going forth. Eight, how to use cryptocurrencies anywhere. This part of the section was particularly interesting, as we showed how to use cryptocurrencies in your daily life with little or no friction. Nine, cryptocurrency taxation. Finally, we finished this section on cryptocurrency taxation, an often tedious but very important topic. So, we're sure this was valuable for you. That's everything for this quick summary, should you wish to refer back to a specific lecture in this section. We look forward to seeing you in the next section of this course, where we will go over cryptocurrency while it's with you, in detail.


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