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Enroll an iPhone via the Company Portal Demo

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In this course, we review the enrollment options available and processes to follow for enrolling Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs in Microsoft 365. We look at some prerequisites and the options available for enrolling each type of device. We also work through a few hands-on demonstrations.

Learning Objectives

Understand the enrollment options and procedures for enrolling different Apple devices in Microsoft 365.

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to earn a Microsoft 365 certification
  • Anyone who needs to enroll devices in Intune and Mobile Device Manager within Microsoft 365


You will require a basic understanding of Mobile Device Management in Microsoft 365.


Welcome back. In this demonstration here, I'm going to show you what a user sees when enrolling an iPhone. On the screen here is the typical home screen of an iPhone. To enroll an iPhone, the end-user needs to browse to the App Store. From the App Store, the user searches for company portal and then installs the Intune Company Portal App. Once the Intune Company Portal App is installed, the user signs in using their organization login. 

After logging in, the user is guided through the process of enrolling the device. They need to accept some privacy information and they need to download the management or a configuration profile that's been set up. Once they have completed these steps, the profile is then installed and the device is enrolled in Microsoft Intune. And it's really as simple as that. That is how an end-user can enroll an iOS device using the Company Portal.


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Tom is a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry, having worked in environments as large as 40k seats and as small as 50 seats. Throughout the course of a long an interesting career, he has built an in-depth skillset that spans numerous IT disciplines. Tom has designed and architected small, large, and global IT solutions.

In addition to the Cloud Platform and Infrastructure MCSE certification, Tom also carries several other Microsoft certifications. His ability to see things from a strategic perspective allows Tom to architect solutions that closely align with business needs.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys camping, fishing, and playing poker.