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Enterprise Applications
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Working with on-premises directories
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During this course we will explore the enterprise applications that AWS provides, including Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkDocs and Amazon WorkMail. We will start with a basic overview of each service, one by one, then move on to a more practical experience by demonstrating an integration of all these services with an on-premises network, and a discussion of the available options to configure these services to make them suit your company's needs.

We assume you have some pre-requisites for this course. You need to have some general IT understanding plus some AWS knowledge, including the core AWS services such as EC2, IAM, and VPC. In addition, because all the services in the enterprise applications category make use of the Directory Service, you will also need to be familiar with this service.

This course is for anyone getting started with the AWS cloud, but is particularly geared toward systems engineers and windows administrators.


Hi, and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we'll talk about Amazon WorkDocs. In these slides, I will show you what is it and I will also talk about pricing. Then, we will go on the AWS console and have a demonstration on how it works.

WorkDocs, as AWS states, is a service that provides you secure enterprise storage. That might sound as S3, but it's slightly different. WorkDocs is more similar to Dropbox for example, or Google Drive. You can integrate WorkDocs with your on-premises directory. Actually, you need that directory from the directory service in order to have WorkDocs. So you can either have an on-premises directory or a directory that is only hosted on the cloud, and it's also accessible from multiple devices.

It costs $5 per user, per month, and you receive for this $5, 200 gigabytes of storage. If you exceed this, you will pay for as many data that you have, according to this image. Also, if you are already using Amazon WorkSpace, you have a discount. It will cost only $2 per month. There is some changes in the prices for the regions in Asia, as you can see below.

Let's now go ahead on the AWS console, and have a demonstration on how it works. So here on the AWS console, let's click on WorkDocs. Hey, we already have a directory here set as active. That happened because we enabled WorkDocs to this directory on the last lecture. Remember when we clicked on our directory and asked it to register it with the WorkSpace service? We also marked Yes on the checkbox saying that we wanted to enable also WorkDocs for this directory. That's why we have this directory listed in here.

So what I would like to do now is click in here and put a new administrator for this domain. In this case, we will be the user that we created in the last lecture. So select Administrator, and okay. We already are administrators of this site. We don't actually need to do this to access the WorkDocs site. But by doing this, we are giving our users some privileges. Let's click now here, and put the password and we have access to our Amazon WorkDocs. We could simply create a new folder in here, "Hello," and it's there.

Also, since we've granted our users some administration permissions, we can click here and we can manage some stuff. For example, we can manage how much new users will receive. So we can change here and say, "Oh, new users are going to receive only 50 gigabytes," or "unlimited storage." We can set some security in here. We can invite new users.

So let's now do something else. Since we are using WorkSpaces also, I would like to install the WorkDocs app in my WorkSpace machine. So let me go here, and we have this icon, Install Amazon WorkDocs. I will just click on this icon. It's created by default when we launch a new WorkSpace, and we can simply click Next to configure our WorkSpace and sync all files and folders.

The folder that we just created in the Amazon WorkDocs URL will be accessible in our machine. We have a WorkDocs folder and we just need to ask for a new update. The best way to do this is by closing the app and opening again.

In the meantime, we can also see that from here we also have access to the WorkDocs website. We just need to put the password as we did in my local machine, and bam, we have access to the Amazon WorkDocs website and our folder is here. Let's now see our local folder and see if the Hello folder is there. It's there. We successfully synced our files with our WorkSpace machine.

About the Author


Eric Magalhães has a strong background as a Systems Engineer for both Windows and Linux systems and, currently, work as a DevOps Consultant for Embratel. Lazy by nature, he is passionate about automation and anything that can make his job painless, thus his interest in topics like coding, configuration management, containers, CI/CD and cloud computing went from a hobby to an obsession. Currently, he holds multiple AWS certifications and, as a DevOps Consultant, helps clients to understand and implement the DevOps culture in their environments, besides that, he play a key role in the company developing pieces of automation using tools such as Ansible, Chef, Packer, Jenkins and Docker.