Bonus challenge: Assumptions analysis and the Johari Window

Bonus challenge: Assumptions analysis and the Johari Window


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Ready for another bonus challenge? This time you’ll perform an assumptions analysis and look at the Johari Window. Let’s get started.

Analyze the following scenario and look at the questions that follow. Make sure to jot down your answers.

Logisticoto plc are holding a risk identification workshop regarding the transportation of a new crystal material recently discovered in an ancient Egyptian tomb. The material can’t be matched to any material on the periodic table; it does, however, have some nuclear characteristics similar to that of plutonium.

They have called together various specialists from within the industry and the logistical staff who will be responsible for the handling and transportation of the material. Due to the importance of the workshop, our intrepid adventurer, Dusty, has been asked to facilitate the meeting.

During the meeting, the logistical staff made a lot of their conclusions about risk based on their existing knowledge of transporting plutonium. They have conjectured that a lot of the safety procedures already in place will be sufficient for dealing with any problems and that very few new risks exist. A few of the specialists in the room disagreed with this strongly and they may have some knowledge the rest of the group might not be aware of. Dusty is keen to get everyone on the same page.

Question 1

How can an assumptions analysis technique be applied to this scenario? What would be the benefit of applying this technique?

Question 2

How can the Johari window technique be applied to this scenario? What would be the benefit of applying this technique?

Adventure Awaits

Get ready, a debriefing awaits you!

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