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This is a beginner level course intended for anyone who is interested in learning the basics about the Amazon ElastiCache Service. We will discuss the concept of caching and how it relates to the Amazon ElastiCache service. We will define and discuss ElastiCache. We will talk about the benefits of the service. Then we will talk about ElastiCache features. Next, we will talk about why we would use ElastiCache. And finally, we will discuss how to locate ElastiCache in the AWS console and describe the basic steps for setting it up. This course was authored by Sarah Blatnik and narrated by Mark Thomas.


What have we learned in this course? We've learned about caching and how it can improve application performance. We then talked about Amazon ElastiCache and how it can improve the performance of your cloud-based applications. We can describe the features and benefits of the Amazon ElastiCache service. We learned how developers can take advantage of ElastiCache's ability to simplify the process of adding a caching layer and how it simplifies administrative tasks. We learned how Amazon ElastiCache can be used to enhance the performance of online gaming, social networking, Q and A sites, as well as recommendation engines. Finally, we can access the ElastiCache management console through the AWS console and describe the basic configuration tasks.

Thank you for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed this basic introduction to the Amazon ElastiCache service. If you're interested in learning more about this solution, please browse the Cloud Academy catalog for courses that cover the Amazon ElastiCache service.

About the Author

Sarah is an educator and instructional designer. She started her career doing computer training, Microsoft Certified training, then telephony training for a local Indianapolis start up. She has a passion for helping others to learn and writing engaging content. When she is not working, she loves to travel with her family, walk her dog, or curl up somewhere with a good book.