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In this course, you will be introduced to Jumbo Frames. We provide a detailed overview of Ethernet frames and how and what effect Jumbo Frames have when configured. Jumbo frames allow more than 1500 bytes of data by increasing the payload size per packet. We will review use cases and scenarios where Jumbo Frames are useful.

In this course, we provide a complete working demonstration - configuring a Jumbo Frame enabled network between 2 VPCs. We will deploy an EC2 instance within each VPC, each instance will be configured with a pair of ENIs. We will establish policy based routing such that we end up with 2 network paths between the instances - the 1st network path will have a 1500 MTU - utilizing Ethernet standard frames, and the second network path will have a 9000 MTU - utilizing Ethernet jumbo frames.



- [Instructor] Before we finish, let's do a quick review of what we've learned. We've gained an understanding of core jumbo frame networking concepts. We learned about jumbo frame pros and cons. We learned about how jumbo frames can support particular architectures. We provisioned and created a VPC jumbo frame-enabled network path between VPCs. We learned how to configure an EC2 instance with dual interfaces, ENIs. We learned how to leverage Linux iptables policy-based routing. As a reminder, the cloud formation templates used within this course are available from the Cloud Academy's public GitHub repo. Thank you for your participation, I do hope you have enjoyed this course on networking jumbo frames. Feel free to send any feedback and/or questions to Or alternatively, you can always get in touch with us here at Cloud Academy using the community forum where one of our cloud experts will reply to your question.

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