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Course Description:

This course touches on the similarities and differences between AWS, GCP, and Azure serverless functions. The idea is to give you insight into what using the different offerings look like. The primary learning objective is to help you make an informed decision about which provider to use and if it fits your use case. The 30 minute course covers the three different providers (content largely taken from the comparing cloud platforms course--but cut down for content), deploying a sample application on each, and the ecosystem around deploying serverless applications. The provider lesson uses the same application and demonstrate deploying and other operational characteristics of each provider.

Intended audience:

  • IT Pros
  • Developers


If you are not already familiar with serverless start with "Getting Started with Serverless Computing” before continuing with this course. You’ll also need some experience with cloud providers as well. Nothing specific is required, though you should have a general idea on how cloud computing works.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the state of serverless in 2017 List trade-offs between AWS, Google, and Microsoft platforms
  • Learn to build, deploy, and run applications on the three platforms
  • Learn open source tools for building serverless applications 

This Course Includes:

30 minutes of high-definition video.

What You'll Learn:

Course Intro: What to expect from this course.

Serverless Overview: In this lesson we’ll introduce you to the key players and prepare you for the hands on demos in the following lessons.

AWS Lambda: In this lesson you’ll learn about serverless on Lambda and deploy a Lambda function.

Azure Functions: In this lesson we’ll discuss serverless Azure functions and learn how to deploy an HTTP function.

Google Cloud Functions: In this lesson you’ll learn about serverless on Google Cloud and deploy an HTTP trigger function.

Ecosystems and Tools: In this lesson you’ll learn about serverless framework and Apex.

Conclusion: A summary and review of what you have learned.

About the Author

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Adam is backend/service engineer turned deployment and infrastructure engineer. His passion is building rock solid services and equally powerful deployment pipelines. He has been working with Docker for years and leads the SRE team at Saltside. Outside of work he's a traveller, beach bum, and trance addict.

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