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Robert Froehlich's story

Robert Froehlich
“Cloud Academy has a lot of content covering a diverse set of topics. I enjoyed that a good number of the non-basic services are covered”
IT Systems Architect at SpaceX
Whittier, CA
June 4, 2016

Who is Robert?

Based in Southern California, Robert started his career in customer support. He then moved into troubleshooting in IT. In the meantime, he got a bachelor’s in Computer Science at university and later began working as an  IT Services Technician in a leading aerospace transport services a big space company.

           “I am a dedicated and hard working individual that strives to do the best.”

Robert’s Cloud Academy experience

Robert likes practicing Elixir and Go to develop RESTful API servers, and he is interested in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform as well.

He is currently working toward AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification and has plans to pursue certification for AWS Developer and SysOps Associate. He has successfully completed many of the fundamental courses and labs in AWS, and he is learning Linux system administration.

           “There's a lot of content covering a diverse set of topics. Where most tutorials that you find only cover generic services like compute and networking, I appreciate that Cloud Academy covers many of the non-basic services, such as AWS container service.”

Robert recommends Cloud Academy, and appreciates the competitive pricing offered for students: “The student pricing makes it a no-brainer to take advantage of what Cloud Academy offers.”

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