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Sachin Gupta's story

Sachin Gupta
“The extensive training material I could lay my hands from Cloud Academy were simply amazing and helped me a great deal in clearing my exams. The tests were just amazing!”
Senior Applications Engineer
Bangalore, India
Jan. 5, 2015

Who is Sachin?

Sachin is a Senior Principal Applications Engineer at Oracle. The main reason he signed up for Cloud Academy is because he believes it's the best place to learn Cloud. Based in India, he's been working in the Java, J2EE, Weblogic world for about 15 years and most recently working on Cloud Computing and Big Data technology stack. Sachin now aims to have a deep knowledge on Amazon Web Services.

“Cloud Academy has one of the best course content which helps all levels of participants - from novice to professionals to understand the concepts/fundamentals and advanced features of Cloud computing.”

As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Sachin is able to coordinate and direct all phases of project-based efforts while managing, motivating and guiding individuals and teams using resources efficiently. Working at Oracle, Sachin is willing to reach the highest Cloud level.

“Looking at the initial samples of Cloud Academy's videos made me inclined to subscribe to it immediately. Not to mention, the cost of the training was something very affordable too.”

His experience on Cloud Academy

The best thing for him was that for each and every Q&A there was also an explanation. Sachin was able to complete and pass the AWS Solution Architect exam also because our embedded links took him right to the relevant Amazon documentation with well crafted detailed content, easy to gulp, understand and practice.

“The way the videos and quizzes were arranged made me to think and conceptualize the bigger picture very clearly. The questionnaire and their appropriate reference from the actual AWS source were very helpful, and it made me get a gist from their documentation.”
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