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AWS Billing and Cost Management Tools

In this eBook, we’ll introduce you to a range of tools and resources to help you understand the resource types that are incurring the largest share of costs (EC2, RDS, Redshift, etc.), how to read the trends in your monthly bills and use them to forecast future expenses, how to prevent billing surprises, where to look for savings, and how to estimate costs before a resource is provisioned.

Pages: 28
Level: Intermediate
Date: Jan, 12th 2017

The complete guide to AWS Security

This eBook will introduce you to some of the key AWS security measures and controls you can implement within the services VPC, S3 and IAM.

Pages: 55
Level: Intermediate
Date: Oct, 13th 2016

The Cloud Computing Job Market

With this eBook you will learn how Cloud Computing is changing the IT industry and creating a complete set of new roles for companies and businesses worldwide. Information and data to start your cloud computing career. 

Pages: 15
Level: Beginner
Date: Jun, 18th 2015

A Guide to AWS Certification Exams

Introduction to the full range of Amazon Web Services certification exams: learn what, why, and how to pass just the right exam for you.

Pages: 21
Level: Beginner
Date: Apr, 30th 2015

AWS Solutions Architect Certification

Study guide to Amazon Web Service's Solutions Architect certification exam: tips and suggestions on how, what, and where to learn.

Pages: 26
Level: Beginner
Date: Apr, 30th 2015