Coding with Java Language Basics

Lab Steps

Connecting to the Java Web IDE
Exercise 1: SimpleClass
Exercise 2: Methods

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Introduction to Java
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Time Limit1h 30m
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Lab Overview

This Lab introduces you to the basics of the Java programming language, requiring you to complete the following guided coding exercises:

  • Exercise 1 - SimpleClass: Complete the code required to instantiate a new Employee object, then update the Employee objects Name and Salary fields, and finally print out the state of the Employee object.
  • Exercise 2 - Methods: Update the Employee class, adding constructors, getter and setter methods

Note: Each exercise comes with the fully completed solution code for reference in times of need.

Lab Objectives

Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to:

  • Write Java code that instantiates new objects
  • Write Java code that updates an object's fields, which changes the state of the object
  • Run and debug the Java code and examine the results that are printed to the console

You should:

  • Be comfortable with using a browser-based IDE

Lab Environment

This lab will start with the following AWS resources provisioned automatically for you:

  • A single EC2 instance, named, which will have a public IP address attached. This instance will host a web based Java IDE (based on the Visual Code editor).

To achieve the lab end state, you will be walked through the process of:

  • Using your local browser, access the web-based Java IDE served from the
  • Completing the 2 lab exercises:
    • Exercise 1 - SimpleClass
    • Exercise 2 - Methods


June 16th, 2018 - Optimized creation of lab resources to reduce the time it takes to access the browser IDE by 60%

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