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The Cyber Primer (& labs) learning path (3hr 18m) aims to introduce the learner to the world of Information and Cyber Security. The course takes the learner through the eyes of an adversary – someone trying to infiltrate a computer's security using some of the steps of the Cyber Kill Chain, and showcases some real-world examples of the chain in-action. The learner first sees the theory and examples of how certain methods of the kill chain work, and can then view them in-action in software simulations and labs.  


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Learning Path Steps


This course introduces the Cyber Primer learning path.


This course will introduce some of the core themes of cyber security, followed by two software simulations.


This module will introduce some techniques used for reconnaissance and social engineering. The software simulations introduce some of the methods and software that can be used in reconnaissance.


This module will look at weaponization, or how hacking exploits can be created and disguised. The software simulations will cover the creation of mobile and desktop payloads.


The code used in Handlers for the How To: Mobile Malware, How To: Windows App Payload, and How To: Network Pivot software simulations.


This module will look at how payloads are delivered, and some of the methods that are used to exfiltrate information. The simulation covers an example of how a simple pivot network exploit works.

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Originating from a systems administration/network architecture career, a solid part of his career building networks for educational institutes. With security being a mainstay his implementation he grew a strong passion for everything cyber orientated especially social engineering. The educational experience led to him mentoring young women in IT, helping them to begin a cyber career. He is a recipient of the Cisco global cyber security scholarship. A CCNA Cyber Ops holder and elected for the CCNP Cyber Ops program.