DevOps Engineer—Professional Certification for AWS


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The AWS DevOps Engineering Professional Certification is Amazon Web Services' newest, most rare, and difficult to achieve certification. Because it tests elements present in both the Developer Associate Certification and the SysOps Administrator Associate exams, it covers deep and broad subjects and materials. As a difficult and rare exam, companies looking view those who hold the DevOps Engineer certification in high esteem, and these engineers are highly sought after. For any intrepid AWS cloud developers looking to advance their career, achieving the DevOps certification is a sure way to show everyone you are a talented practitioner.

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As modern software expectations increase the burden on DevOps delivery processes, engineers working on AWS need increasingly reliable and rapid deployment techniques. This course aims to teach students how to design their deployment processes to best fit business needs. Learn how to: - Work with immutable architecture patterns- Reason about rolling deployments- Design Canary deployments using AWS ...


One of the highest risk parts of running a software company, in terms of availability concerns, is the risk of a faulty deployment. During deployments, complex systems with multiple parts are actively moving around the delicate parts of many other systems. We can minimize deployment risk by studying a couple of common approaches to porting code into machines running! This Lab covers:- How to ...


Many businesses host critical infrastructure and technical business assets in the AWS Cloud. Yet, even with so much at stake in the AWS Cloud, many businesses neglect to ensure that their software systems stay online no matter what happens with AWS! In the CloudAcademy Advanced High Availability DevOps Video Course, you will learn critical technical and business analysis skills required to ensure ...


As AWS-based cloud environments grow in complexity, DevOps Professionals need to adopt more powerful tools and techniques to manage complex deployments. In the AWS ecosystem, CloudFormation is the most powerful and sophisticated automation tool available to developers. In this course, we explore some of the most advanced CloudFormation skills AWS engineers can learn.In addition to normal ...


Modern AWS cloud deployments are increasingly distributed systems, comprising of many different components and services interacting with each other to deliver software. In order to ensure quality delivery, companies and DevOps teams need more sophisticated methods of monitoring their clouds, collecting operational metrics, and logging system occurrences. This course aims to teach advanced ...


As companies move more and more mission-critical information and workloads onto the AWS cloud, DevOps Engineers need to implement more sophisticated and secure methods of managing data and processes. This course on Governance on AWS teaches skills to manage complexity and direction on increasingly large AWS cloud accounts and installations. Learn how to: - Model the resource governance and ...


Do you know what is going on within your AWS account? As deployments become increasingly complex and businesses allow developers more freedom to work with the AWS Cloud, understanding what users are doing becomes even more important. Governance on AWS is the practice of using AWS tools to ensure that the way AWS is used meets strategic goals for a company. More concretely, this usually refers to ...



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DevOps Engineer—Professional Certification for AWS
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