Accurately pinpoint baseline skills

Stop guessing your team’s skill level with real-time skill growth tracking

Assessments - Accurately pinpoint baseline skills

Test your team across multiple cloud platforms and technologies

Easily assign question- and lab-based assessments to test practical, hands-on tech skills.

  • Combine multiple assessments for broader skill coverage
  • Drive assessment cycles to completion with automated reminders
  • Choose from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform assessments or create your own
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Identify baseline skills to understand where your team stands

  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for individuals and teams
  • Leverage assessment skill reports to create customized training plans
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Identify baseline skills to understand where your team stands - Training plans

Track skill growth

  • Monitor skill growth as your team shows competence in quizzes, exams, hands-on labs, and lab challenges
  • View your organization’s skills with our powerful Skill Profiles dashboard
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Assessments Track Skill Growth

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