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Accurately pinpoint baseline skills

Identify technical skill gaps instantly 

Having the right tech talent is essential for any company to thrive in today’s cloud-native world — and finding the right people in the open market is both unpredictable and expensive. We’ve all been there — working with recruiters for months to identify someone with the right mix of technical and interpersonal abilities[Read more]

, only then having to onboard and train them before they know your tech stack, your business, and before they can produce.


There’s a much easier, more structured, and cost-effective way to ensure you have the talent with the skills that are right for you. And you can get this by investing in and developing the skills of your current team. Not only does this shed light on what skills you already have in-house (tech people are multidimensional, after all), but it also makes the journey more predictable and allows you to better engage and retain high-performing individuals.


Sounds great, right? Here’s how to make that happen.

Pinpoint baseline skills

Imagine having a single dashboard to visualize all your employees’ current tech skills, across every team in the organization. With Cloud Academy’s skill assessments, you do. This critical first step lays the groundwork for all future development activities, and lets you track from this baseline to where you need your tech teams to be in order to achieve desired business outcomes.

Our tech skill assessments let you save time by identifying the exact skills your team needs.

  • Quickly determine strengths and skill gaps across platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba), methodologies (DevOps, security), and data management (AI, machine learning)
  • Create custom assessments that align specifically with your team’s goals
  • Get the full picture with question- and lab-based assessments to test practical, hands-on tech skills
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Track growth over time with skill profiles

You can only manage what you can measure. Unlike many platforms that only offer vanity metrics, Cloud Academy’s skill profiles  provide in-depth analysis of proficiency on an individual, team, and organizational level. This means you get a full picture of where everyone — and every team — is on their tech skills journey.

Skill profiles let you visualize knowledge progression in real time.

  • Monitor your organization’s skills in real time on our powerful skill profiles dashboard
  • Know exactly where your team stands with automatic updates as each exam, quiz, and lab is complete
  • Prepare for career trajectory confidently with granular insights into proficiency levels
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Training Plans - Track progress and completion

Train with precision for the tech skills you need most

You know your business and the roster of tech talent required to get where you need to go. Cloud Academy’s training plans let you create internal superteams in a measured, predictable, and customizable way. They’re easy to set up, and let you project manage your upskilling with due dates and weekly effort tracking to hold your teams accountable. 

Training plans set you up for the outcomes you want while training for the skills you need.  

  • Leverage skill profiles to assign custom training based on your team’s skill gaps
  • Drive assessment cycles to completion with due dates and automated reminders
  • Maximize your team’s time with Training Plans for specific skills, technologies, or job roles
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Assessments Track Skill Growth

Get started by assessing your team