Content Engine™

Take your cloud training initiative up a couple notches. Easily customize and extend Cloud Academy.

Effortlessly customize and extend our Training Library

Your enterprise architecture, policies, legacy infrastructure, and roadmap have one thing in common: they’re all specific to your organization. The training programs you deliver to your organization should be specific to your organization, too.

Cloud Academy’s Content Engine™ makes it easy. It’s trusted by the busiest professionals to democratize and scale what would otherwise be siloed, tribal knowledge within enterprise IT environments.

Custom Cloud Training - Cloud Academy

Customize Learning Paths

Custom Learning Paths are the easiest way to build guided training experiences that are highly specific to your enterprise architecture. Create one from scratch or borrow from Cloud Academy’s extensive library of Hands-on Labs, Quizzes, Courses, and Exams. Cloning and re-publishing an existing Learning Path with customizations takes less than 5 minutes. It’s that easy.

Once we started interweaving our internal docs with Cloud Academy, everything started moving faster. We’re already saving at least two full weeks onboarding new team members and we’ve started completing projects for our business units ahead of schedule with much more confidence than before.
IT Director at Fortune 500 Media Company

Create Cloud Academy Learning Path

Add Custom Resources to Cloud Academy

Make training actionable by adding resources directly in the context of a Cloud Academy Learning Path. Content Engine™ allows you to take Cloud Academy’s leading training materials and insert your company’s infrastructure, policies, configurations, and documentation your employees need to hit the ground running, all in one place.  Most file types are supported for documents, images, and videos.

Build certification exams specific to your organization

Launch an internal enterprise certification program leveraging customizable Exams and Cloud Academy’s 16,000+ pre-built questions. Easily add multiple-choice questions with explanations to an exam, then configure success parameters by certification track. Launching an enterprise certification program specific to your organization and its roadmap is effective and easy.

We have to move quickly to keep up with all the new services on AWS and Azure. We used to spend a lot of time trying to disseminate how we were using a new service. Cloud Academy is a game-changer. Today, there’s a lot less talking and a lot more delivering value to the organization. We’re integrating what people need to know from all the angles — security, compliance, deployment, you name it.
VP Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise SaaS Provider

Develop Custom Hands-on Labs

Context matters when it comes to delivering practical cloud training. Whether employees are getting comfortable with a new technology or refreshing their skills on existing enterprise architecture, Content Engine’s Custom Hands-on Labs make it possible. Cloning an existing Hands-on Lab, selecting a base environment, and changing steps is the fastest way to ensure your teams can operate in your actual work environment.

Assess the Skills That Matter

Perform employee skill assessment using Cloud Academy’s pre-built questions. Insert your own multiple-choice questions and explanations, create an exam, and configure success parameters with respect your organization’s technology strategy.

Publish Assignable Training Plans in Minutes

In under ten minutes, clone a pre-built Cloud Academy Training Plan, add or remove Learning Paths and Exams, and re-publish it as a custom Training Plan for your organization. When managers create their next Training Cycle, the Training Plan is available for assignment.

Custom Training Plans

Categorize and Control

Create categories and organize training material by job role, team, or project. Content Engine™ puts you in control with granular role-based permissions so your teams see the training material that’s most relevant to them. You can even configure a creation and review process so that broader teams can contribute to customizations with the proper controls.

Witness the power of Content Engine™