Learning Paths

Objective-driven. Proven to build cloud skills.

From beginner to expert, the Cloud Academy platform identifies skill gaps across your organization, then provides structured delivery of the theory and practice needed to operate across the cloud ecosystem. Learning Paths are multi-modal, guided training experiences made up of Courses, Hands-on Labs, and Skill Assessments.

Courses from the Cloud Industry Experts

Cloud Academy courses are video-based and deliver the theory, technical knowledge, and best practices that are fundamental to the Learning Path’s topic. Each Cloud Academy Instructor has been carefully vetted and has experience with working directly with the requirements of enterprise architectures.  Users can change video speed, use subtitles, and follow along with transcripts. Video courses are available on both web and mobile.

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Hands-on Labs Put Knowledge Into Action

Hands-on Labs are the quickest way for organizations to deliver practical cloud and DevOps training to teams using actual cloud consoles. Within seconds, teams will work to configure and troubleshoot the technologies they’re learning about in a Learning Path using real infrastructure. No AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud account is needed — and there isn’t any additional cost or cleanup to worry about.

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Skill Assessment Identifies the Unknowns

Our adaptive assessment algorithm gives you the confidence that your team is starting its cloud training journey in the right place. Cloud Academy’s Quizzes, Exams, and Hands-on Lab Assessments verify the theoretical and practical concepts covered in a Learning Path. That means no more guessing where key teams stand. As staff navigate the learning journey, rich Skill Profiles are populated in real-time.

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One Platform to Master Them All

Your stack keeps growing and your team has challenges adapting, getting up to speed, and selecting best-fit solutions. Cloud Academy develops the critical thinking skills and common language required to select technology, deploy it, and optimize decision making. Our Training Library expands with the ecosystem and is updated daily. Cloud Academy is your secret weapon to the multi-cloud.

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