Office Hours: AWS Certified Developer – Associate | Domain 4 and 5 of 5 – Refactoring, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting

Author: Stephen Cole, AWS Certification Specialist at Cloud Academy

Welcome to a new Office Hours webinar series focused on the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification. This series will be divided into 4 webinars to prepare you for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam. These webinars will cover the five domains of the AWS Certified Developer exam guide.

Domain 4 and 5 will focus on refactoring, monitoring, and troubleshooting, specifically covering:

– Optimizing application to best use AWS services and features
– Migrating existing application code to run on AWS
– Writing code that can be monitored
– Performing root cause analysis on faults found in testing or production
– Exam tips for Development
– Q&A

Follow this webinar to take a really impactful step in your technical career!