AWS Cost Savings: Ending Decision Paralysis When Trying to Optimize Spend with Reserved Instances and Savings Plans

Author: Patrick Gartlan, VP of Cloud Services at Spotinst and Stuart Scott, AWS Security & Content Lead at Cloud Academy

We all know that cloud costs can quickly spiral out of control — it’s been an issue that enterprises have been chasing ever since On-Demand compute started over 10 years ago. While Reserved Instances (RIs) have made huge strides to help you get more value out of your cloud spend, keeping up with their complexities and changes can cause lots of confusion, and even costly mistakes.

Join Spotinst VP of Cloud Services, Patrick Gartlan, and Cloud Academy’s AWS Content & Security Lead, Stuart Scott as they discuss these challenges and how to ace the planning and procurement of reserved cloud capacity, so you can successfully optimize your AWS spend.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll get insight into:
– Pros and cons of Reserved Instances
– What AWS Savings Plans can really do, and what they can’t do to save you money
– Unique insight to leverage RIs in the marketplace to get even quicker and deeper savings
– Why partnering with an expert is effective at saving money consistently over time