Boost Your Data Science Career With Proper Data Visualization

Author: Andrea Giussani, Data Scientist at Cloud Academy

***Participants are strongly encouraged to download the needed data from the following Github repo and set up the environment prior to the start of the webinar ***:

After following the Pandas like a Boss webinar series you became a Pandas ninja with the help of our Data Scientist, Andrea Giussani. We know you want more and we’re here to empower you with further knowledge.

In this session we will explore:
Bokeh: one of the most popular libraries for dynamic data visualization in Python. We will try to transform data into a graphical dimension using a few methods available in Bokeh such as the figure method.
– We will start with basic plotting and move to more sophisticated tools such as hover.
– At the end of this webinar, you will be able to transform row numerical data into a sort of graphical dimension using Bokeh.

In order to be able to follow this webinar, an intermediate Pandas knowledge is strongly recommended.

– Intro to bokeh
– Figure object (plotting, basic picture with Bokeh)
– Adding some inspectors with the hover
– Finally, we will explore some customization options