Hybrid, E-learning, or vILT: The Cloud Training Face-Off

Author: Kaitlyn Funk - Strategic Account Executive Brandon Henry - Sr. Customer Success Manager Jeremy Price - Solution Architect

The landscape of corporate cloud training is experiencing an exciting evolution. Dive into an engaging discussion as we dissect the merits and challenges of Hybrid, E-learning, and vILT formats. Through real-world insights and expert opinions, explore which training model aligns best with modern business needs.

Whether you’re charting a new training roadmap or refining an existing strategy, gain clarity on the pivotal factors influencing today’s training dynamics.

Our panelists shared:

– Comprehensive understanding of the unique strengths and limitations of Hybrid, E-learning, and vILT.
– Actionable insights on optimizing training strategies for maximum ROI and engagement.
– Real-world examples and case studies highlighting successful training implementations.
– Expert predictions on the future trajectory of corporate cloud training.

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