Migrating Your Technology Training to Cloud Academy: Content and Software to Scale Your Tech Skills

Author: Mark Smith, Solutions Engineer at Cloud Academy, and John Chell, Cloud Technology Assessment Manager at Cloud Academy

“Content is king,” Bill Gates once said, but is that the whole story? If your training program is only made up of a long catalog of various courses that may or may not directly apply to your workforce, how applicable is it really?

Cloud Academy unravels content’s reign and empowers enterprises to truly make a difference with their teams by providing both a wide offering of cloud and non-cloud technology growth opportunities, coupled with Content Engine — our customizable platform that lets you change the trainings to suit your exact needs.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Mark Smith (Solutions Engineer at Cloud Academy) and John Chell (Cloud Technology Assessment Manager at Cloud Academy) who will cover:

  • The full Cloud Academy software solution
  • Our platform’s unique design which allows you to implement your own content, including labs, exams, and proprietary procedures
  • The breadth of our training offering, and actionable steps to implement trainings with teams