Office Hours: Unraveling the AWS Technical Essentials

Author: Stephen Cole, AWS Certification Specialist at Cloud Academy and Will Meadows, Senior AWS Trainer at Cloud Academy

Are you getting ready to take your first steps into the AWS cloud? Are you considering the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam? Cloud Academy can help you. If you want your first steps to have impact and focus, watch this on-demand webinar with our experts, Stephen Cole — AWS Certification Specialist and Will Meadows — Senior AWS Trainer, to learn about AWS’s foundational services: Compute, Databases, and Storage.

Our experts provided an overview of the fundamental AWS products and services and outlined their key features. Let them help you make informed decisions as you begin your cloud journey, remove some of the confusion that comes with learning new technologies, and develop an idea of what is possible inside the cloud.

This webinar was highly interactive: it started with an overview of the foundational services, explained how some of them work, and added insight to the importance of elasticity and scalability in cloud computing.