Author: Mark Andersen, Director of DevOps / FS Cloud Governance at Capital One
Nov, 10th 2017

When it comes to embracing digital transformation, DevOps isn’t just a nice-to-have, but an all-important necessity. In the enterprise, the goal of DevOps is deceptively simple: deliver high-quality working software, faster. While technology is an important part of the equation, making the shift to DevOps is really about making the cultural transformation that brings development, infrastructure, operations, and production teams together. In this session, Capital One’s Mark Andersen, Director of DevOps / FS Cloud Governance, will share his DevOps journey. He will take us through the challenges and successes along the road of DevOps transformation. He’ll also share the essential processes and tools that enterprises can leverage to successfully support the cultural shift to DevOps.

You can find here Mark's presentation.