Skills Intelligence: Why Managing Your Employees’ Skills Are So Important

Author: Mark Guiditta, Global VP of Strategic Clients, and Greg Schwartskopf, VP of Customer Success

Tackling problems at a macro level has never worked for anyone. The same goes for engaging and up-skilling tech teams in a way that motivates them to stay or, better yet, join your organization.

As most organizations can’t afford to bleed cash on high turnover costs and ineffective training plans, skills intelligence is the most effective tool in your management toolkit in today’s demanding tech-scape and worker-led marketplace. When there’s a lot at stake and much to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Getting an accurate feel for your team’s strengths and weaknesses isn’t always straightforward unless you’re a leader with the proper learning and development resources that stick, engage at all levels, and translate to tangible business outcomes.

Learn key insights about your organization’s investment in the cloud, what resources are required to meet tech targets, and how talent management is crucial to achieving business objectives in the digital age.

During this webinar, Mark and Greg will discussed:

  1. The reality of a candidate-controlled labor market and cloud computing skills gaps
  2. The significance of talent development and its advantages for company success
  3. The most effective methods for identifying critical tech skills and user management tactics.
  4. Showed a live demo of the Skills Intelligence Platform, which identifies skills gaps, tailors learning, and helps you to make data-driven decisions.