What Does the Future Hold for Cloud Computing?

Author: Matt Martinez - Cloud Content & Labs QA Engineer at Cloud Academy, Stuart Scott - AWS Content & Security Lead at Cloud Academy, Andrew Larkin - VP of Content at Cloud Academy, John Chell - Sr. Assessments Manager at Cloud Academy

No one has a crystal ball, but we do know that cloud computing has been going strong for 10+ years — but where will it go to next? From multi-cloud to edge computing, to the continued rise of serverless and huge tide of big data and analytics, the experts at Cloud Academy will carefully lay out their thoughts on what’s next in the cloud space.

Watch this panel for a fun discussion as they prognosticate who will take AWS off its throne (or not) and why, among many more topics. Areas to be covered will include:
– Multi-cloud and portability
– Kubernetes
– Edge computing
– Serverless
– Data analytics
– Automation & Security
– The Need for Education

Cloud Academy participants:
– Matt Martinez, Cloud Content & Labs QA Engineer
– Stuart Scott, AWS Content & Security Lead
– Andrew Larkin, VP of Content
– John Chell, Sr. Assessments Manager