Storage Fundamentals for AWS

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Storage Fundamentals for AWS is an introduction to Amazon's cloud storage services and is recommended for any one new to cloud computing. This course will enable you to demonstrate Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Glacier, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Amazon CloudFront storage solutions, and help you identify when to apply AWS solutions to common business scenarios.

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02/2017 - EBS now provides elastic re-sizing of EBS volumes. Previously to change a volume size we would create a snapshot of a volume and select a larger of faster volume. Now those changes can be done dynamically in the AWS console

11/2016 - You now have two new ways to retrieve data from Amazon Glacier.

Expedited retrieval provides you access to your data in 1 – 5 minutes for a flat rate of $0.03 per GB retrieved. Bulk retrieval provides you access to your data in approximately 5 – 12 hours for a flat rate of just $0.0025 per GB. And our existing Standard retrieval, data access within 3 – 5 hours, is now available for a flat rate of $0.01 per GB retrieved.

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