Deploy Wordpress using CloudFormation


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Create your first cloud infrastructure using Amazon CloudFormation

Amazon CloudFormation is a popular way to make interacting with AWS repeatable. It lets you create complex infrastructure with easy-to-understand JSON specifications. CloudFormation permits you to specify in JSON all of the AWS resources that make up your infrastructure, and handles creating and connecting them automatically. It makes scaling up a snap!

A CloudFormation stack can manage a variety of things: DynamoDB tables, Elastic IPs, EC2 instances, Virtual Private Cloud networks and security groups, Route53 zones and records, IAM users, CloudWatch logs and alarms, S3 buckets, and much more. In this Lab, you will use CloudFormation to launch an EC2 (Linux) instance with a full WordPress installation.


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Follow these steps to learn by building helpful cloud resources

Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Console

Your first step to start the Lab experience

Create a CloudFormation Stack

Learn what a stack is and how you can create one. Find a template to install WordPress on a new instance.

Check Stack Status

Watch CloudFormation create your stack based on the JSON template you provided.

View Stack Resources

Learn more about resources CloudFormation creates for you.

Delete the Stack

In the final step, you'll delete the stack and see how CloudFormation handles deleting resources it manages.