A Promising Start to 2021: Our Half-Year Recap

A Promising Start to 2021: Our Half-Year Recap

Wow, can you believe we’re already halfway into 2021? Over the last six months, Cloud Academy has been hard at work to deliver a best-in-class experience for our users like you. 

Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to and how our product has grown since the new year.

For Admins and Managers 

New & Improved Reporting

One of the biggest aspects that sets Cloud Academy apart from the rest is our focus on providing in-depth analytics and insights on the individual, team, and organization level. To make it even easier for you to deep-dive into your team’s technical skills, we’ve updated our reporting functionality with a refreshed UI and new reports for you to leverage. 

The four new reports available include User Skills, which lists each member’s most recent skill score compared to their initial skill score, Learning Path Content and Training Plans Content, which both map the user’s content and current position within the given learning path or Training Plan they’re in, and Certification Report, which tracks the certifications your team has achieved. Not only do these enhancements expand our reporting capabilities, but you gain optimized data aggregation and an enhanced user experience so you can make the greatest impact with the talent on your team. 

Take Bulk Actions in the Management Dashboard

At Cloud Academy, we’re always thinking, “How can we streamline this process for our users?” And sometimes the smallest changes can have some of the greatest impact. Within the Management Dashboard, you can perform bulk actions on all members who match your search criteria, so you can streamline the process of assigning Training Plans, extending due date, and so much more across multiple team members at one. 

Access a Member’s Training Plan Progress 

As individuals conquer more and more new skills, it’s important to be able to reference what training they’ve completed in the past. We’ve made it possible to access each member’s Training Plan history in your account, so you can see all of the member’s active, scheduled, and completed Training Plans and never second-guess yourself when assigning new training. To learn more, view our help center article here.

Member Spotlight View

Take a quick glance at the most important stats for a member at any given time. The new Member Spotlight feature lets enterprise admins, team managers, and stakeholders see a summary of a single member’s skills, usage, teams, and training. To open a member spotlight, just click a member’s photo or name wherever it appears in the application.

For Individual Members 

Bookmarks Tab

If there’s ever an opportunity to help our users become more organized, we take it! Simplify your on-the-go learning experiences by bookmarking important resources, and then easily find them later within the Bookmarks tab on your user dashboard. 

Self Assign Training Plans 

We can all attest to the value of autonomy, which is exactly what we wanted to give our users as they set training goals for themselves. When a learner starts a learning path, a window now appears with an option to set a due date and self-assign the learning path as a Training Plan. This feature gives your team members an easy way to take advantage of the features of a Training Plan—such as built-in accountability to help users 10x their completion rate. 

We hope these recent enhancements help you achieve the best skill-building experience possible. And these are just the start—we have much more planned for the second half of the year. If you ever have questions about our product and want to get in touch, you can always contact us here!

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