Announcing New Training Plans

Drive your teams’ training with our new Training Plans

Manage training across your teams — no matter the size or location — more easily with our new feature set.

You know that being able to drive training in a large organization is always a challenge. Conflicting priorities are a natural obstacle and get in the way of you and your team’s ability to focus on goals like skill growth — a goal that may take longer to achieve but have high ROI.

Training Plans give you the structure to enable teams to assign learning content with clearly defined learning objectives and realistic deadlines. This builds trust between trainees and their managers which accelerates skill growth: users know they are given a clear road to success.

How has the need for Training Plans evolved at Cloud Academy?

As thousands of companies began upskilling with Training Plans, it became necessary to grow Training Plans into a much more powerful training management tool while still maintaining its original ease of use. Because of this, we’re glad to announce the release of an improved version of Training Plans based on hundreds of hours of customer conversations.

Our new Training Plans maintain all the existing features you’re used to, packaged with a smoother look-and-feel, plus these new features:

What’s new?

Plan your training: Assign multiple training plans in a sequence

You can now plan your team training ahead of time, assigning multiple training plans in advance to be taken in an order you determine. This allows anyone who finishes a training plan ahead of time to start the next plan right away instead of waiting to be assigned a new goal by a team manager.

New Training Plan sequencing


Know your team is ready with newly-acquired skills

You can now clearly see your teams’ skill levels and how the training plan has impacted them over time.

New Training Plan Skill Improvement


Let any member monitor training

Add any Cloud Academy member in your organization (including stakeholders) to status notifications for a given training plan.

Notifications in Training Plans

Improved filtering and searching for Training Plans

Use our new search and filtering logic to more easily find the training plan content you need, whether you’re creating something custom or assigning a plan to your team.

Training Plan new search and filtering

Assign more than one Training Plan to a member

Members can be assigned to more than one training plan simultaneously. Admins or team managers would add the member to multiple teams, and the member then gets access to training plans on each team.

Single member with multiple training plans


Upcoming features

Simplified creation and customization of training plans

It’s now much, much easier to create or customize your training plan on the spot. You’ll be able to customize your training plan content right as you assign it to your team, instead of navigating away to Content Engine.

Fine-grained control: Assign plans to a single member

You’ll be able to assign a training plan directly to a single member of our team, instead of being limited to assigning it to an entire team.

A refresher on the power of Training Plans

Getting your team from point A to point B is hard. It can be a challenge to have clear goals with measurable milestones. While Cloud Academy has a massive library of content, it can be difficult to find your way at first, especially when you’re starting a new initiative at your organization.

Training Plans are the best way to:

  • Assign content to your team
  • Set a clear goal
  • Set a due date
  • Keep your team on track with automatic nudges and progress reports
  • Understand and share your team’s progress

When can you expect to use the new Training Plans?

The updated Training Plan functionality is for Enterprise customers only, and existing customers will be migrated to the new UI over the next few weeks. Individual features of new training plans explained above will be made available over the course of the next weeks as well.

In the meantime, to get started assigning a training plan just go to your Dashboard > your company name > Training Plans. For more information, you can see our documentation at:


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