Cloud Academy Talk: Get Ready for the AWS Security Specialist Certification

Security is critical for successful cloud adoption. Many enterprises are willing to invest their money to ensure that data and applications are kept safe, with Forrester reporting a 28% increase in cloud security spending to $3.5 billion by 2021.
The new AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam, released in April, is an opportunity to for security professionals to validate their skills through certification and for teams to build deep knowledge in key security services that are unique to the AWS platform. Just general knowledge alone isn’t enough to master platform security fundamentals, given the steady stream of new features and updates released every year.

Our Head of Content, Andrew Larkin, and our AWS Lead, Stuart Scott have recently hosted a live session ‘Cloud Academy Talk: AWS Security Specialist Certification and Beyond, sharing preparation tips and strategies to help you master the topics covered in the AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam.

Watch the recording of the webinar here and share it with your team.

Stuart Scott has also recently published a new Learning Path designed specifically for those looking to gain a deep understanding of AWS security services – the Security – Specialty Certification Preparation for AWS, including the many different security mechanisms and techniques that AWS offers to secure your infrastructure and data from both internal and external threats and exposures.
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