AWS News and Releases: Keeping Your Team Current

Cloud innovation continues to accelerate, and staying updated with AWS news and releases is increasingly important. This post will guide you through the latest developments and help you understand their impact on the cloud landscape.

New releases from AWS

Every year, AWS introduces an array of new products and updates, each designed to provide better solutions and make cloud computing more accessible and efficient. This constant evolution is a testament to AWS’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Why it’s important to stay up-to-date on AWS

Keeping up with AWS news and releases is crucial for several reasons. It allows businesses to leverage the latest technologies and services, leading to more efficient operations and competitive advantages while providing insights into the future direction of cloud computing, helping businesses plan their digital transformation strategies. It also enables IT professionals to expand their skills and knowledge, enhancing their career prospects in the process.

Latest AWS news

Let’s look at some of the recent AWS news and releases:

  • DynamoDB Local Version 2.0: This local, downloadable version of Amazon DynamoDB has migrated to use the jakarta.* namespace, enhancing its compatibility and functionality.
  • Amazon CloudWatch’s cross-account service quotas: This feature lets customers track and visualize resource use and limits across multiple AWS services from multiple AWS accounts using one centralized monitoring account.
  • Increased API throughput limit for AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store: The GetParameter and GetParameters APIs now support up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), a significant increase from the former 3,000 TPS limit.
  • Amazon Route 53’s support for additional top-level domains: This update expands the range of top-level domains that can be managed through Amazon Route 53, providing more flexibility for domain management.
  • General availability of Amazon EC2 C7gd, M7gd, and R7gd instances: These new instances offer improved performance and cost-efficiency for a wide range of workloads.
  • AWS Wickr’s federated data retention: This feature allows for federated data retention for both internal and external conversations, enhancing data management and compliance.

Getting certified on new AWS releases

Staying updated with AWS news and releases is one thing, but getting certified on these new releases is another. AWS offers a range of certification exams that validate your knowledge and skills on the latest AWS services and features, boosting your professional credibility and opening up new career opportunities.

In a dedicated article, we highlighted the top 5 ways to get certified on new AWS releases, including Cloud Academy. Our constantly updated AWS training library provides certification practice exams to prepare you or your team for the official AWS certification exam. These exams are designed to help you identify areas where you need improvement and to simulate the actual exam experience, increasing your chances of passing on the first attempt.

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A final look

Staying updated with AWS news and releases is crucial — both for businesses and IT professionals. It enables them to leverage the latest technologies, plan their strategies, and enhance their skills.

So, how are you keeping up with the rapid pace of AWS innovation? How has a recent AWS release impacted your cloud computing strategy? Let us know in the comments or on LinkedIn!

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