Google Cloud Platform Comes to Cloud Academy

If you are a cloud computing enthusiast or a developer, I am sure you have been hearing quite a bit about Google Cloud Platform. Google Compute Engine is rapidly evolving to become the next generation IaaS platform. Google App Engine, an early PaaS offering that also happens to be the first component of Google Cloud Platform has many customers like Snapchat, Khan Academy and Rovio among others. Google Cloud Storage has become the backbone of the platform by exposing a massively scalable storage engine. Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Datastore, BigQuery and Prediction API form the key building blocks of the platform.

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With so much happening at Googleplex around cloud, how can Cloud Academy not bring that to you? Weare excited to announce that Google Cloud Platform is now available on

Quizzes and Learning Statements about Google Compute Engine

The first set of questions focus on Google Compute Engine with other services to follow soon. We added over 200 questions and learning statements for you to test your knowledge of Google Compute Engine (GCE). I had a lot of fun while creating the questions, responses and the learning statements. As a passionate Google developer, I made sure that the questions cover the breadth and depth of the platform.

Having taken more than 25 professional certification exams on Microsoft and AWS technologies in the last decade, I always wanted to be on the other side of the table authoring a test. Thanks to Cloud Academy I finally got an opportunity to create an exam for one of my favorite technologies – Google Cloud Platform. Whether you are a developer, architect or a systems administrator, you will find the questions relevant and interesting. You will also find many questions based on real-world scenarios that closely emulate the customer use cases. The learning statements that are associated with the questions act as useful nuggets of information providing you insights into various concepts.

Start Learning Google Cloud Platform

Although Google is yet to announce its certification program, we are ahead of the curve in providing you a platform to test your Google Cloud Platform skills. Take advantage of this and get ready to master the next generation cloud aka Google Cloud Platform. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for an exciting ride of the Google Cloud Platform at Happy learning!

PS: We are looking for feedback on the questions and responses. Please do get in touch with us if you have comments, questions or feedback on the questions related to Google Cloud Platform.

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