New Content: Microsoft 365, FinOps, and DP-203 in the Spotlight

Cloud Academy July Content Update

In June, our team of expert certification specialists released two new or updated learning paths, 16 courses, 10 hands-on labs, and four lab challenges!

By popular request, we introduced three new courses on Microsoft 365 last month. Check out the Microsoft Azure category below for links to courses about Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Reporting and Alerting, Configuring Microsoft Defender for Office 365, and Creating and Configuring Sensitivity Labels and Policies in Microsoft 365.

Another popular area people always ask about is FinOps. In June we released a new course in that arena as well: The Cloud Financial Management — Beyond Just Optimization.

The people in your organization who are studying for Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure certification will want to check out the new DP-203 learning path.

New Content on Cloud Academy

June’s new content fell into these categories:


COURSE: Connecting Networks with AWS Transit Gateway

This course explores AWS Transit Gateway — the best way to connect large numbers of VPCs and on-premises networks together. In this course, we are going to cover a lot of important topics that will make your network administrators very happy because they won’t have to deal with tens or hundreds of independent connections anymore.

COURSE: Using AWS Identity Federation to Simplify Access at Scale

This course covers AWS Identity Federation including what it is and some of the AWS services that can be involved in federation. It also highlights some scenarios where you might want to implement it.

COURSE: Using Amazon Cognito to Manage Authentication & Authorization to Your Mobile and Web Apps

This course explores Amazon Cognito and how it can be used to manage authentication and authorization to your apps. We’ll start with a general overview of Amazon Cognito and when to use it. Then we move on to user pools and identity pools. We round off the course by looking at how Amazon Cognito can be integrated with mobile and web apps and how to sync your app’s user data across various platforms.

COURSE: Using AWS SSO to Simplify Access Across Your AWS Organization

This new course explores AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) and takes a hands-on look at how to create and configure a single sign-on portal for users to access multiple AWS accounts within a single AWS Organization without the users having an IAM account.

COURSE: Differences & Similarities between AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store & AWS Secrets Manager

This course examines the differences and similarities between the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store and AWS Secrets Manager so that it is clear which one you should use when storing secrets within your AWS accounts.

COURSE: Access Real-Time Log Events using CloudWatch Log Subscriptions

This course, covering Amazon Cloudwatch subscriptions, unveils a hidden feature within Cloudwatch that will allow you to dive into your log files and analyze them for specific keywords.

COURSE: Observations on the AWS Developer – Associate Exam

In this course, follow along with AWS certification specialist Stephen Cole as he discusses his experiences taking the AWS Developer – Associate Exam. You will learn what topics you need to know to pass the exam, how the exam is structured, as well as some of the administrative and practical aspects of the exam.

HANDS-ON LAB: Querying Amazon VPC Flow Logs with Amazon Athena

This lab shows the student how to capture network traffic and query it, and would be useful for students studying for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

HANDS-ON LAB: ELB Application Load Balancer Playground

Explore Elastic Load Balancing’s Application Load Balancer at your own pace in this hands-on playground lab.

HANDS-ON LAB: Amazon VPC Flow Logs Challenge

This lab tests your ability to create flow logs for network traffic inspection.

HANDS-ON LAB: ELB Network Load Balancer Playground

This lab gives you the opportunity to explore the Network Load Balancer service.

LAB CHALLENGE: ELB Application Load Balancer Challenge

This hands-on lab challenge will test your practical ability to build out a solution in a production-like AWS environment

LAB CHALLENGE: ELB Network Load Balancer Challenge

This challenge tests your knowledge of configuring a network load balancer and should be of interest to those studying for the Solutions Architect Associate and SysOps Administrator Associate certifications.

Google Cloud

COURSE: Managing Infrastructure as Code on GCP

Learn how to simplify all of your application infrastructure into just a few configuration files, and then deploy your code on Google Cloud Platform with this course.

Microsoft Azure

COURSE: Assessing Your Current SAP Landscape

This course investigates which SAP landscape elements need to be considered and how they can affect the deployment design along with the migration strategy.

COURSE: Design an Azure Infrastructure for SAP Workloads

In this course, we look at the SAP-specific Azure products and features, and how Azure services can be utilized to architect environments for hosting SAP workloads.

COURSE: Implementing and Managing an Azure Cognitive Search Solution

This course teaches the skills necessary to implement a knowledge-mining solution with a focus on the Cognitive Search solution.

COURSE: Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Reporting and Alerting

Learn about the reporting and alerting options in Microsoft Defender for Office 365, including how to view reports and configure alerts in Defender.

COURSE: Configuring Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Learn how to set up and configure Micorosft Defender for Microsoft 365 through a series of practical demonstrations from the Microsoft 365 platform.

COURSE: Creating and Configuring Sensitivity Labels and Policies in Microsoft 365

Learn how to create and publish sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 with this course complete with practical demonstrations from the Microsoft 365 platform.

HANDS-ON LAB: Getting Started with Azure SQL Database

Explore the main features of Azure SQL and learn how to deploy and manage the service by connecting to the database and assigning user access in this lab.

HANDS-ON LAB: Working with Azure App Service using Azure CLI

This lab aims to teach you how to interact with Web Apps in Azure using the command line tools.

LAB CHALLENGE: Azure CLI App Service Challenge

Put your Azure CLI and Azure App Service skills to the test in this hands-on lab challenge.

LAB CHALLENGE: Azure CLI Virtual Network Challenge

This hands-on lab challenge will test your practical ability to build a solution in a production-like Azure environment.

LEARNING PATH: DP-203 Exam Preparation: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

This learning path is designed to help you prepare for Microsoft’s DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure exam.

LEARNING PATH: Azure Networking

This learning path takes you through the major networking technologies on Microsoft Azure.


COURSE: Cloud Financial Management — Beyond Just Optimization

In this course, you are going to learn about FinOps Principles and how to build FinOps Teams, as well as the three phases of the FinOps Lifecycle.


COURSE: C# Lists and Files

This course uses file reading and writing as a vehicle to illustrate important data validation concepts when mapping text data to objects and receiving user input.

HANDS-ON LAB: Integrating Lambda Layers with the Serverless Framework

This lab will guide you through the process of Lambda layers integration by leveraging the framework.

HANDS-ON LAB: Understanding Basic Scala Elements for Functional Programming

This lab explains the basic concepts needed to code with the functional paradigm in Scala.

HANDS-ON LAB: Starting using Recursion with Scala

This lab will guide you in the usage of recursion and tail-recursion in Scala.

HANDS-ON LAB: Creating and Handling Classes and Hierarchies in Scala

This challenge guides you in learning the principles of OOP in Scala, that will be helpful also for functional programming.


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New Product Features

Changes to the way the product looks or works appear in the Cloud Academy Release Notes page.

  • Now administrators and team managers can search for a member from within a team on the Organization page. You can search by first name, last name, and email address.
  • Also from the Organization page, admins can use filters to select members who match the criteria and then perform bulk actions on all of them.
  • The new Certification Report lists all the certifications that you members have uploaded to the Certifications tab on their dashboards.

The screen that users see when they open an exam has enjoyed a redesign. The new look offers more information and explains that you can retake the exams to see more questions.

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