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This month our team of expert certification specialists released three new or updated learning paths, 16 courses, 13 hands-on labs, and four lab challenges!

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You can always visit our Content Roadmap to see what’s just released as well as what’s coming soon. March’s new content fell into these categories:


COURSE: Manage your own encryption keys using AWS CloudHSM

This course gets you started with AWS CloudHSM by giving you an overview of the basics of the service, what it is, and its use cases.

COURSE: Connecting application data using Amazon EventBridge

This course explores Amazon EventBridge and how it can be used to construct architectures in the cloud using event-driven microservices. In this course, you will learn how to use EventBridge rules and targets to react to events. We’ll then take a deeper dive into the service and learn how it differs from Amazon Kinesis and the Simple Notification Service.

COURSE: Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Part 1

This course is part one of two on how to stream data using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. In this course, you will learn about the Kinesis service, how to get data in and out of an Amazon Kinesis Data Stream, and how streaming data is modeled. We’ll also cover Kinesis Producer Applications and Kinesis Consumer Applications and how they communicate with a Kinesis Data Stream. You’ll also learn about the limits and costs of streaming data with Amazon Kinesis, as well as how data can be secured and protected inside a stream.

HANDS-ON LAB: Deploy Container Workloads with Amazon Lightsail

Use Lightsail containers to deploy a container workload and monitor it in this lab.

LAB CHALLENGE: AWS CloudFormation Stack Update Challenge

Put your AWS CloudFormation skills to the test in this hands-on challenge as you are tasked with modifying a stack template.

LAB CHALLENGE: Amazon VPC Implementation Challenge

Put your foundational cloud networking skills to the test in this hands-on challenge lab as you implement an Amazon VPC.

LAB CHALLENGE: Amazon CloudWatch Metric Filtering Challenge

Put your Amazon CloudWatch skills to the test in this hands-on challenge lab as you are tasked with creating a metric filter and an alarm.

HANDS-ON LAB: Filtering Amazon CloudWatch Log Events

Learn how to use the Amazon CloudWatch Logs console to filter textual and JSON log events in this hands-on lab.

Google Cloud

COURSE: Logging and Monitoring Access Control on GCP

This course looks at how to control access to logging and monitoring on Google Cloud Platform through the use of permissions, roles, VPC Service Controls, and Logs Exporter.

COURSE: Managing Container-Based Development Environments on GCP

Explore some of the container-based application development environments, tools, and services available for your deployments on Google Cloud Platform.

COURSE: Building Chatbots With Google Dialogflow: Part 1

This course is part one of a series that explores how to build a chatbot using Google Dialogflow.

COURSE: Managing GCP Operations Logging

This course looks at how to use and manage cloud logging on the GCP platform covering logging tools and cloud audit logs.

HANDS-ON LAB: Google Cloud Memorystore Playground

Practice your Google Cloud Memorystore skills in a free-rein, empty GCP environment by creating Redis and Memcached clusters in any way you see fit.

COURSE: Building Chatbots With Google Dialogflow: Part 2

This course takes a hands-on approach to implementing a Dialogflow chatbot, specifically focusing on the graphical user interface.

HANDS-ON LAB: Creating Your First Dialogflow Bot

Learn how to create a simulated banking concierge bot using Google Dialogflow in this lab.

HANDS-ON LAB: Creating an Active Chatbot in Dialogflow

In this lab, you will create a banking concierge chatbot that is capable of asking clarifying and follow-up questions.

HANDS-ON LAB: Creating an FAQ Service with Dialogflow

In this lab, you will integrate an online FAQ to provide a high-quality information service to your end users.

HANDS-ON LAB: Creating a Weather Forecasting Chatbot with Dialogflow

In this lab, you will learn how to make a chatbot that can look up the weather from a U.S. government forecasting API.

LEARNING PATH: Building Chatbots with Google Dialogflow

This learning path provides an intro to the Dialogflow service and will get you up and running with building your own chatbots.

Microsoft Azure

COURSE: Designing an SAP-to-Azure Migration Strategy

This course explores the multiple migration strategies to consider when migrating data from SAP to Azure.

COURSE: UPDATE: Designing Data Flows in Azure

In this course, you’ll learn the basic principles of designing data flows using the Azure platform.

COURSE: UPDATE: Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resource Groups

In this course, you’ll learn how to manage subscriptions and resource groups in Azure.

HANDS-ON LAB: Using Azure Data Factory Pipelines to Copy Data

Learn how to build and trigger data pipelines in Azure Data Factory in this lab.

COURSE: Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics service, including serverless SQL pools, dedicated SQL pools, Spark pools, and Synapse Pipelines.


COURSE: Alibaba Cloud Security & Monitoring

This course covers the services available for securing and monitoring your Alibaba cloud environment and helps you prepare for the security element of Alibaba’s ACA exam.


LEARNING PATH: Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): Part 2 — Domains

This learning path provides a deep dive into information security and prepares you for the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam.

COURSE: IT Security Fundamentals

This is a beginner-level course designed to provide you with an introduction to information technology security concepts.


HANDS-ON LAB: Leveraging the Yahoo Finance API to Retrieve and Visualize Financial Data

In this lab, you will leverage the Yahoo Finance API using the yfinance Python library, and you will visualize the market data using the plotly Python library.

COURSE: Tech Talk: Introduction to ExpressJS

This Tech Talk introduces ExpressJS, a lightweight framework based on Node.js, which can be used for launching web applications and RESTful APIs.

LAB CHALLENGE: Yahoo Finance API Data Visualization Challenge

Demonstrate your Yahoo Finance API and plotly knowledge by integrating them, fetching market data, and then displaying and plotting them.

HANDS-ON LAB: Yahoo Finance API Data Visualization Playground

Practice your Yahoo Finance API and data visualization skills in a free-rein, empty Jupyter Notebook environment by creating and managing all the components and parts the yfinance and plotly libraries offer.

HANDS-ON LAB: Introduction to the Serverless Framework

In this lab, you will understand the core components of the Serverless framework, and you will use them to deploy a simple microservice with a single function on AWS.

HANDS-ON LAB: Build and Deploy a Highly Scalable Serverless CRUD Microservice With the Serverless Framework

In this lab, you will use the Serverless Framework to build and deploy a CRUD microservice, and a DynamoDB table the microservice will use to store and retrieve data.

HANDS-ON LAB: Sending Async Fan-Out Messages Using the Serverless Framework

In this lab, you will leverage the Serverless Framework to build and deploy an asynchronous microservice following the Fanout pattern. You will use SNS and SQS, and you will deploy the resources with the Serverless Framework.

COURSE: Introduction to C#

This is an introductory course to C# and .NET programming that will show you how to use these dynamic cross-platform development tools.


LEARNING PATH: Terraform Associate Certification Exam Preparation

Prepare for HashiCorp’s Terraform Associate exam with this learning path designed to help you enhance your knowledge of open-source HashiCorp Terraform.


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