Media and Entertainment Success Story: Turner & Cloud Academy

In our work with organizations across numerous industries, we’ve learned that the push towards cloud and digital transformation is nearly universal. As consumers become more discerning and engaged with their buying experiences, organizations must find ways to deliver their products quickly and securely. One industry where change is particularly notable is the convergence of technology and broadcast media. As content distribution, viewer engagement, and a new competitive landscape challenge traditional models, organizations in this industry are exploring cloud solutions to capture attention through emerging mediums.

While the push to transform is universal, the path to achieving transformation is not. One standout story is that of Turner, a leading global entertainment, sports, and news media company, well-known for their premium content serving a wide demographic. While their staff had previously dabbled in cloud infrastructure, leadership knew that a more strategic and concerted approach was necessary in order to truly attain digital transformation.

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To achieve a greater focus on training and technical skills development, leadership appointed what we at Cloud Academy like to call a “Digital Skills Officer” (DSO). In this case, the DSO was a 16-year company veteran with experience working on multiple technical teams. The DSO’s goal was to collaborate with internal subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive, contextually meaningful, practical, and continuous learning program that would support the greater technology roadmap.

Using the Cloud Academy platform, Turner was able to close their cloud skills gap by encouraging cloud learning while also holding individuals accountable for their growth. Demand for our training curriculum was so high that the DSO needed to create a waiting list after exhausting the initial several hundred licenses purchased.

Leadership has seen measurable results within our learning platform, including the migration of key workloads to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

You can read all the details in the full case study here.

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