Microsoft Azure Automation: Concepts and Practical Usage — New course

We are proud and excited to offer another outstanding Microsoft Azure course to our growing catalog.

Microsoft Azure Automation: Concepts and Practical Usage

Trevor Sullivan is our Curriculum Director and an active Microsoft MVP. He personally designed, built, and delivered this course based on critically important skills needed for Microsoft Azure Automation.
Trevor covers the Microsoft Azure Automation service, which provides PowerShell Runbook automation, and declarative configuration management services through PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC). 

Microsoft Azure Automation: Concepts and Practical Usage

Microsoft Azure Automation

What you will learn

This class is taught at an intermediate level. After finishing this course, students will be empowered to start automating tasks, using Windows PowerShell, with a cloud-first approach! Students will find the best ways of setting up Azure Automation as a cloud-based PowerShell DSC Pull Server, making it incredibly easy to start managing nodes using declarative PowerShell syntax.

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