Preparing for the Microsoft Azure 70-535 Exam

(Update) The Azure 70-535 exam was retired on December 31, 2018, and it was replaced by the AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams. To prepare for these exams, we recommend the Cloud Academy’s AZ-300 Exam Preparation: Technologies for Microsoft Azure Architects and the AZ-301 Exam Preparation: Designing a Microsoft Azure Architecture Learning Path.

The credibility of Microsoft Azure continues to grow in the first quarter of 2018 with an increasing number of enterprises migrating their workloads, resulting in a jump for Azure from 10% to 13% in market share. Most organizations will find that simply “lifting and shifting” applications and data to Azure is not as simple as it seems, since Microsoft offers a variety of cloud services serving numerous scenarios.
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What’s on the 70-535 Microsoft Solutions Exam?

With the complexities and scenarios of cloud migration in mind, Microsoft recently released the 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam, replacing the 70-534 exam, which wasn’t as focused on architecture. Consisting of 40-60 questions over a 150-minute test period, the exam covers:

  • Compute Infrastructure
  • Data Implementation
  • Networking Implementation
  • Security and Identity Solutions
  • Operations
  • Platform Solutions

Preparing for the Microsoft Azure 70-535 Exam

If you are looking to pass this exam or advance your career as a cloud architect, Cloud Academy recently launched a Learning Path to help professionals work through the concepts covered in the certification exam. The Learning Path includes a mix of courses and hands-on labs that offer practical experience on the Azure platform. Learning objectives for this course include designing Azure:

  • Compute infrastructure using virtual machines, serverless computing, and microservices
  • Data implementation using storage, relational databases, and NoSQL datastores
  • Networking implementation using virtual networks, external connections, security strategies, and hybrid applications
  • Security and identity solutions using Azure Active Directory, identity providers, Azure Key Vault, and security administration services
  • Solutions using platform services, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, messaging, and media services
  • Operations using monitoring, alerting, and automation

The 70-535 Exam Preparation Learning Path is part of our extensive Microsoft Azure library, which includes additional learning paths, labs, and courses — plus skill assessments to test your mastery of the cloud development platform.

Ready to get started? Sign in to your Cloud Academy account today and get started with the 70-535 Exam Preparation Learning Path.

Watch this short video by Guy Hummel, Cloud Academy Azure expert to get a quick snapshot of what the Learning Path includes.

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