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Amazon Web Services Quizzes

Build and test your AWS knowledge with multiple choice quiz sessions in 10 minutes. Available on web and mobile so that you can train and practice from anywhere. Amazon Web Services continues to grow rapidly, and it's easy to confuse its many offerings. After studying with our learning paths, courses, AWS laboratories, and exam tests, you can have fun with quizzes designed to test your skills in AWS.

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Most Popular AWS Quizzes

Don't know where to begin? Try some of our most popular AWS quizzes to get yourself started. Our complete and cohesive library of quizzes means that you test your skills on a broad range of subjects from AWS Lambda to Artificial Intelligence for AWS

Recently Added AWS Quizzes

Discover the latest quizzes to be added to our AWS library and get started on your journey. With a large range of quizzes, you can test and assess your knowledge from migration and management to security and databases.

Key Services for the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Deepen your knowledge of the Key Services for the AWS Well-Architected Framework with these specially selected quizzes from our Cloud Academy experts.

By Topic

Quickly find the topic you are looking for with our quizzes that have been expertly curated for you by topic.

By Role

Studying for a specific job role? Discover how you can deepen your knowledge in a particular position by picking one of the quizzes below.

Developing with AWS

Training to be an AWS Developer? Take these fundamental quizzes to make sure you're on top form for the certification examinations.

System Administration with AWS

Put your AWS System Administration knowledge to the test with our picks of the best quizzes to get you in the zone.


Hone your expertise on one of the most important element of any cloud element, Security. These AWS quizzes will ensure you can be confidently tested on the subject.

Data Management on AWS

Measure your capabilities with Data Management on AWS and fortify your skills to drive you and your team to further success.

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