Cloud Academy is Hiring a “Creator of Cloud Awesomeness”

(Update) Want to join our team? We are looking for ambitious and energetic people to join our growing team and help build Cloud Academy while maintaining our awesome company culture, which embraces and supports independence, transparency, positive communication, professional development, and a work-life balance. Visit the Cloud Academy Careers page to learn about all open positions.

Some might call this “community manager”, “content creator” and the like, but we like this title much more!
Are you one of those people that always engage with others? Are you passionate about cloud computing, and new technologies? Are you able to create compelling content (videos, presentations, how-tos and the like) that drive people crazy about you? Do you like being mentored, but at the same time have a great level of independence in your decisions?
This is the role for you!
Rather than the usual, boring list of requirements, we just want to see if you have the mojo for this. Create a 5 minutes video, with your voice over, in which you explain one of the following platforms:
a) Amazon Web Services
b) Microsoft Azure
c) Google Compute Engine
d) Rackspace Cloud
We will evaluate your video and – if we love it – we will contact you for additional interviews. Bonus points will be assigned for good pronunciation, high quality and engagement. This video represents half of your hiring process: you better nail it right!
At Cloud Academy, we like to trust our employees. You can work from home as much as you please, as long as you stay in touch with your team. You can pick any software, OS or technology that will do the job, as long as we love the results.
To apply, send an email to an anonymous address, like jobs@… No, let’s do it better: email our CEO, Stefano Bellasio, at
If we decide to hire you, we will contract you for three months; if we love you even more after this initial period, we will hire you full time.
Salary for the first three months will be 6,300 US$. Salary for the full-time position depends on how great you are.
At the moment, we strongly prefer to hire someone living in the European Union or the United States and with a work permit to work there. If you live somewhere else, we might still consider you if your video is pure awesomeness.
Surprise us!
Cloud Academy