Cloud Technology and Security Alert News Digest – Issue #4

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Welcome to issue #4 of the Cloud Technology and Security Alert News Digest. Today we’ve got news of a new vulnerability that has hit Google App Engine and some new cloud services and pricing change. But the big news for us has got to be the unmet demand for Linux cloud experts. Read on…

Google App Engine Vulnerabilities

Maintaining that “We have no reason to believe that customer data and applications are at risk,” Google does acknowledge that Security Explorations’ vulnerability discoveries in Google App Engine do have substance, according to ZDNet.
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Demand growing for Linux and cloud computing skills. (Is anyone here surprised?)

ZDNet reports on the continued rapid growth of Linux in the enterprise and especially cloud server markets, at the expense of Windows and Unix deployments. Writing that the “growth continues to raise concerns about finding Linux talent” and that more than forty percent of the “world’s largest enterprises” consider this to be their greatest concern, ZDNet offers no solution. Perhaps the Cloud Academy community could be of service…

MS Azure to offer “granular microservices”

Not that Microsoft is going down without a fight, mind you. ZDNet reports that their BizTalk team will be rolling out connectivity infrastructure allowing communication integration which “will allow Azure customers to build composite applications using granular microservices” But to be perfectly honest, I haven’t a clue what all that means.

The race to the bottom continues in cloud pricing

According to ZDNet, new AWS pay-up-front pricing models and lower AWS transfer charges are leading the way in the ongoing pricing war between the cloud provider giants. As the major vendors continue to implement new features and functionality at a dizzying speed, the actual costs of deploying from the cloud keeps dropping. And I don’t hear anyone complaining.

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