Amazon DynamoDB: Discover How to Learn it With Cloud Academy

(Update) We’ve recently released some great new training content on DynamoDB, we recommend taking a look at the Cloud Academy’s DynamoDB library.

On the Working with DynamoDB course, you’ll learn to create DynamoDB tables, read and write data, and how to use queries and scans. Test the knowledge you’ve acquired in the course, in the Introduction to DynamoDB Hands-on Lab and learn how to create DynamoDB tables, with and without local or global secondary indexes, and how to manage your table data.

DynamoDB is one of the most famous products in the Amazon Web Services suite. As a NoSQL database, Amazon designed it as a scalable database that is particularly useful when you need to store and retrieve big amounts of data. DynamoDB is one of the most used solutions in the cloud when it comes to NoSQL databases and Amazon put a lot of attention about it also in its Certification program for AWS Solutions Architect program. 

Amazon DynamoDB
Today we are launching more than 100 new quizzes about DynamoDB. As you know all of them will come with high quality and beautiful learning statements that help our members understanding the technology and learn how to use it; we are far from completing our set of learning statements about DynamoDB and Amazon Databases in general, but you should now expect more and more weekly releases of new Amazon learning content.

You can start studying DynamoDB accessing Cloud Academy’s DynamoDB training library. We are still working on a new feature to allow you to study only single topics in our library.

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