Learn Google Compute Engine – New Course

After the launch of our first course introducing the Google Cloud Platform, David Clinton is back with a brand new course – Launching a GCE instance. We just launched it, and you can watch it on CloudAcademy.

Google is one of the hottest cloud platform, probably the most interesting alternative to AWS, as we have already seen in another post: 5 Reasons Why Google Compute Engine Will be the Next Cloud Choice. In fact, we got quite a strong demand by you CloudAcademy members for more courses about GCP and GCP services, and I’m glad that we are quickly filling the gap adding more content about that. In particular, this new course about GCE will take you from the ground zero and will teach everything you need to know to become a proficient GCE user.

A full-fledged course to learn Google Compute Engine

The first two lectures of this new course will fire you off straight to launching your first GCE instance, and to learn more about basic concepts like Images and Snapshots. After that, a quick testing session will help you strengthen your knowledge about GCE with a series of quizzes, that will also boost your CloudScore. Also, thanks to the Learnings following each quiz, you will learn more even during your testing session, focusing on key concepts that you really need to master.

The second part of this course is about advanced concepts. First things first: networking is the base to build any advanced architectures, and David will tell you everything about configuring firewall rules and routes from the Google Console. After that, some pills of knowledge about security, with a lecture focused on some great tips and tricks to make your GCE instance more secure. Load Balancers are the topic for the next lecture. Adding one of them in front of your pool of instances is a great way to boost the reliability and availability of your architecture, so it’s good to know how easy it is to create new load balancers in Google Compute Engine. The last two lectures are about gcloud, the CLI that Google wrote to manage GCE from the terminal, and about billing, an important topic for any cloud architects.

Enjoy this new course to learn Google Compute Engine, and feel free to share more tips and knowledge about Google Compute Engine in the discussion area just below the course homepage and under each lecture. Also, please share your feedback with us, to help us drive the production of new content. And if you want to know more about the stuff that is coming up, check our Upcoming Training . In the meantime, how about taking some quizzes about GCE? They are a good followup to this course, and a great way to test your knowledge after watching this course and also improve it at the same time thanks to the Learnings you will get after each quiz.

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