New Course: Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?

Are you a business owner or manager trying to determine if the cloud is a good fit for your organization? If so, our new course – Should Your Business Move to the Cloud? – developed by our expert trainer Stuart Scott – will give you a solid foundation from which to make this very important decision.

There are a number of financial and business-specific motivations that can drive an organization to adopt the cloud as its infrastructure of choice. In this course, you’ll learn if your business is a good fit for this burgeoning paradigm.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  1. Is the Cloud Right for You? – In order to determine if the cloud is right for your organization, you will need to examine what you’re trying to achieve and understand what the cloud can bring to your business.
  2. Cloud Business Benefits – This lecture looks closely at what benefits the cloud can give your organization from a business and strategic perspective.
  3. Cloud Constraints – From this lecture you will learn that the cloud isn’t the answer for everything. Examining the constraints associated with these technologies is essential for making an informed business decision.
  4. Cloud Use Cases – Different organization sizes and structures benefit from the cloud in different ways. Each business has a different objective, and you’ll want to take a look at the exact use cases where cloud technology can be a major asset for your operations.

The course has a total of 6 lectures, more than 44 minutes of high definition video, and case studies of existing business migrations. 
If you’re a business manager, business decision maker, or an IT strategy stakeholder interested in cloud technology, you don’t want to miss this course.

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