New Infographic: Cloud Computing in 2017

With 83% of businesses ranking cloud skills as critical for digital transformation in 2017, it’s great news for anyone with cloud architecting experience, and for those considering a career in cloud computing. In our new infographic, we compiled some of the latest industry research to look at the world of cloud computing in 2017.

The cloud will continue to disrupt traditional IT models as the growing amount of data generated by people, machines, and things will increasingly be handled in the cloud. This is highlighted in both the shift to IT spending away from traditional on-premise hardware, and the increased adoption of public, private, and hybrid cloud models.

As cloud adoption increases, companies are using it to achieve greater scalability, higher performance, and faster time to market. As a result, skills for architecting, deploying, and securing the cloud will continue to be essential. And because companies are embracing multiple cloud models and multiple providers, those working in the cloud will need versatile skills that cover different platforms and services to help companies leverage the cloud for continued benefits and competitive advantage.

Learn more about the world of cloud computing in 2017 in our infographic.

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