New Partner for Cloud Academy:, the Cloud Operations Optimization Service

(Update) We’ve been busy building relationships with industry leaders with a common vision, helping organizations leverage cloud technology. If you’re interested in learning how to take part in our partnership program, visit our Partners page. 

Newvem logoWe are really excited about our new partner in Cloud Academy, Newvem, The Leading Cloud Operation Optimization Service! Newvem is a really hot startup focused on cloud computing optimization service for AWS, they are working hard to become one of the hottest startups in the cloud computing industry and definitely one of the most attractive for companies that are using Amazon as a cloud service provider.

Newvem right now is sponsoring our platform with a series of initiatives that help Cloud Academy growth. In the last two months, we added more than 600 new questions to our database and right now we have a very strong growth rate for new registrations:
Cloud Academy Users growth rate over the last 90 days

We look forward to deeply collaborate with our new partner and update you on some good news about in the really next weeks!

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