10 Reasons Digital Marketing Is More Successful With Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing and digital marketing

Cloud computing is a technology that serves extensive benefits to businesses. It empowers them to operate more effectively and improve their productivity as well. This is because the tools and applications that are integrated into the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. Essentially, this technology makes data storage and distribution easier. At the same time, it reduces the burden on the IT infrastructure of the business. Moreover, it has the potential to enhance different operations within an enterprise. One of these operations is digital marketing. If you are planning to integrate cloud computing within your digital marketing strategy, you need to understand the benefits of doing so. 

In this article, we’ll explain the top 10 reasons why you should implement cloud computing into digital marketing sooner rather than later. If you’re new to cloud computing technologies, then you’ll want to check out Cloud Academy’s Cloud Computing Fundamentals Training Library. You can learn about general cloud concepts as well as the major cloud platforms. 

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10 reasons digital marketing is more successful with cloud computing

1. Easy access to customer data

Promoting products and services online is a major challenge for digital marketers because they cannot come face-to-face with potential buyers. According to experts at Outreach Monks, the best way to drive purchase decisions from the target audience is by knowing them well enough. Customer data can help you understand the needs and expectations of the audience. Keeping track of this vital information through conventional means, such as surveys, involves a lot of work. A cloud data center, on the other hand, eases the storage and access of information for the marketers. They can use it to store customer data and access it anytime and from anywhere, which makes remote work possible. 

2. Availability of powerful analytics tools

Aside from access to useful customer data, cloud computing offers a range of powerful analytics tools to digital marketers. Random data is not useful unless marketers have the right set of tools to analyze it and gain actionable insights as well. They can leverage the cloud-based analytics tools to get insights for creating more customized customer experiences. Further, they can use these tools for testing new marketing channels with minimal risk, tracking leads, and determining the channels and strategies that work best for the target audience. Tools such as cloud-based CRM applications are capable of helping marketers to understand customers and their needs accurately.

3. Better insights for creating engaging content

The role of these analytics tools in the cloud extends beyond just providing insights related to the target audience. They also serve vital information related to the content that pulls the audience naturally. After all, content is the driving force for inbound marketing as it engages the visitors and entices them to make a purchase decision. So catering to quality content is the key to engagement and conversions. But how can marketers determine what makes content engaging and powerful? Cloud-based data analytics tools can help by identifying the best-performing content. Further, they can provide information about how customers interact with this content and how marketers can alter their approach to attract more attention. 

4. Drives inbound marketing through social reach

In addition to content, another element that drives marketing success is social engagement. Here too, the popular cloud-hosted services such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram serve huge potential for fueling the growth of inbound marketing. The best part is that these platforms are used by the audience on a daily basis, which makes them great tools for expanding the reach of a business. So the opportunities for digital marketing grow with the adoption of the cloud in one more way. 

5. Empowers operations and processes

With the use of cloud-based tools, marketers have better control over marketing and business content. They can deploy strategies independently without having to rely on other departments, which definitely streamlines the operations and saves time. Plans and goals can be implemented more effectively when departmental inter-dependence is reduced. The learning curve involved in cloud-based systems is minimal, which also saves the cost and time spent to train the new marketing personnel. The automation of marketing operations strengthens the core of the business as a whole. 

6. Enhances data security

In addition to making data easily accessible for digital marketers, cloud computing also ensures its security as well. Every piece of information related to your customers is crucial and you cannot afford to lose it. By integrating cloud computing into your digital marketing strategies, you can eliminate this possibility for good. With this, neither accidental nor deliberate breach remains a concern for your business. Data security and privacy matters because it has a far-reaching impact on the trust of the customers and the reputation of the business. This is all the more important now because of the data privacy regulations and laws that businesses have to comply with. 

7. Extensive cost savings 

Compared to the traditional methods of data storage and access, cloud computing is a much more cost-effective method. You need not invest in expensive hardware and software solutions to store the key marketing information. Rather, you have the option to automate processes with the use of these services. So cost savings come as a direct benefit for enterprises that rely on the cloud for their digital strategy. 

8. Ensures high productivity

Typically, digital marketing encompasses a host of services and techniques that have to be practiced together for effective results. From online advertising to email marketing, web analytics, and PR marketing, there is a lot that you have to do. You might also want to invest in a blogger outreach service to connect with the relevant influencers in your niche for maximizing your customer reach. Cloud computing can help in this context too because it can streamline the productivity of each of these techniques. It serves a reliable infrastructure to connect with the customers and influencers in a smooth and seamless manner.

9. Improves collaboration

Another reason why cloud computing can take your digital marketing strategy to the next level is by improving team collaboration. It adds the advantage of mobility for the marketers and enables them to access marketing data from their own devices with the implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology. This cuts down the loss of time and drives efficiency in the entire workflow. More obviously, marketers can polish up their strategies and get better results faster with a collaborative approach.

10. Makes innovation possible

Beyond the direct benefits of embracing cloud-based applications, there is a lot more the business can derive by relying on this amazing technology. When marketers adopt these tools, they are able to save time and achieve more with lesser efforts. As a result, they can focus on spending time to make innovation possible for the marketing initiative as a whole. This often shows in the form of innovative campaigns to reach the target audience in better ways and expand the customer base of the business. The entire practice of innovation increases sales and drives holistic growth for the organization. 

Considering the benefits that cloud services can bring, embracing it as a part of the digital marketing strategy becomes the best decision for any business. The benefits are extensive and lasting, which makes this investment fully worthwhile. Therefore, businesses today should not miss this huge opportunity and definitely put cloud computing at the core of their digital marketing strategies. The best approach is to leverage cloud tools that can help in the assessment and optimization of marketing efforts to place the right content at the right place and at the right time. 

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