This Week at Cloud Academy

Welcome to our weekly review of some of what’s new, interesting, and upcoming at Cloud Academy.

New courses:

You can’t get too much accomplished in the web applications department without some kind of DNS service standing behind you, and the great tools that come with Amazon’s Route 53 are built to be totally integrated with AWS infrastructure. To help you get started with DNS, Cloud Academy has just published “Amazon Route 53: working with AWS’s Domain Name System service” – part of the intermediate level of our AWS Core Services Track.
Cloud Academy also published the first of six courses designed to prepare you for Linux certification through the LPIC-1 102 exam. We’ve already completed our 101 exam courses. This new course covers a rather broad mix of skills: Linux shells, scripting (which lets you apply the logic and versatility of a programming platform to the immediacy and high-level control of the command line), and database administration.

Cloud Academy blog:

Motasem Aldiab wrote a very insightful post on the current and future state of cloud computing in the Arabic-speaking nations of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
Besides, that, it’s been pretty solidly AWS this week at Cloud Academy, with exciting posts covering CloudFormation, how AWS networking differs from local deployments, and the new AWS feature that lets you apply AWS tags to Glacier vaults.
That’s about that. See you next week!

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