Working with Amazon DynamoDB: New Course

A fantastic new course from an exciting new instructor

We proudly announce a new course Working with Amazon DynamoDB from a new instructor, Ryan Park. Ryan has the honor of acting as an AWS Community Hero. AWS describes their Community Heroes as:

Mentors and super users. They are creators, writers or speakers who routinely provide high quality and impactful content to our developer community worldwide.

Ryan works in the cloud community as the Storage Operations Manager for Slack. He previously worked for Pinterest, and is exactly the kind of thoughtful, dedicated person you’d want teaching you the best ways of using Amazon DynamoDB.

Working with Amazon DynamoDB offers intermediate-level instruction on AWS’s fully-managed NoSQL database service. The course includes 1 hour and 31 minutes of video content in 17 distinct lessons.
Working with Amazon DynamoDB
This course moves quickly through the most critical elements of this product and the author suggests for the best results, you have the following background:

  • An understanding of basic AWS technical fundamentals
  • Awareness of basic database concepts, such as tables, rows, indexes, and queries
  • A basic understanding of computer programming. The course includes some programming examples in Python.

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